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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Do you accept insurance?

    No, I do not accept insurance however when requested, as needed Superbills can be provided to you or your insurance for reimbursement.

    2. How much do you charge per session?

    Session fee is based on length or session time. For a typical session which is 45 minutes, the fee begins at $125. Each service including yoga, varies in fee which is all reviewed at the time of our initial call.

    3. How can I get reimburse from my insurance?

    As requested, a Superbill can be provided for you to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement.

    4. Do you work with sliding scales?

    Yes. While services have identified prices, as a Mental Health Professional, the most important is any piece of my work is to know that you or your loved one is being provided the space that is needed. Together, we would discuss a comfortable and consistent fee. 

    5. Do we meet in person or online?

    Due to the continued impacts of COVID-19, sessions over using telemedicine. Using zoom or a video preference of your choice we will maintain a regular schedule. In person sessions are available however need to be scheduled in advance or this preference needs to be discussed at the time of intake.

    6. How long is each session?

    For adolescent and adult individual work, we will meet for 45 minutes. For children, 30 minute sessions are available with the option for 45 minutes. Family and couple’s therapy are 60 minutes. For yoga related services, the time line can vary based off your needs and goals that we may identify together.